5 Simple & Effective Storage Hacks for Doors

Tired of just hanging your stuff on the door handles? You’ll be surprise that there are dozens of different items you can use for storage and put that unused space to work for you. After all, beautiful door handles especially from doorhandlesltd.co.uk should not be used as a hanging place but an enhancement to your room.


Baskets come in all shapes and sizes. For the bedroom, they are great for holding socks, gloves and other small items. In the kitchen, small baskets can hold spices on the insides of a pantry or cabinet door. Hang baskets on a bathroom door to hold all your favorite toiletries and bathroom needs. Hide your craft supplies by storing them in baskets on the inside of a bedroom or hall closet door.

Shoe Holders

Plastic shoes holders are more than just places to put your shoes. Use a clear plastic shoe holder on the laundry room door to store all your cleaners, or hang one on your bathroom door to hold toiletries. In the bedroom, use them on your closet door to easily sort socks by color. In the playroom, use them to store baggies full of small toys so they don’t get lost.

Curtain Rods

If you have never thought of putting curtain rods on your doors, you are missing a great storage opportunity. They are perfect for hanging boots, ties, scarves and belts that get lost or crushed amongst your clothes. Hang them inside kitchen cabinet doors to hold pot lids or dishtowels. Put them on the back of the mudroom door to hang scarves and mittens to dry.


If you need a place to hang miscellaneous items in any room, simply install a piece of pegboard on the back or inside of a door and you have the most versatile storage of all. There are myriad accessories for pegboards, including hooks, racks, rods, baskets and tool hangers. You can even hang your bicycle and all its accessories in one place.

Over-the-Door Hangers

If you live in a rental where you aren’t allowed to attach things to the doors, there is a wide selection of simple, over-the-door hanging storage accessories. From simple towel hooks to racks in various sizes and configurations, you can store anything from shoes to spices to bathroom toiletries on your doors. There are even single and adjustable over-the-door hooks that you can use to hang pegboards or racks.

With a little ingenuity and utilitarian products, you can expand your storage space by volumes. Whether you choose to hide your storage on the inside of the door, or put it on the outside for the entire world to see, there is so much you can do with this under-utilized space.

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DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

I picked up some new watercolors at Michael’s the other day and wanted to test them out with a little DIY project. This could actually be perfect for Valentines Day! DIY watercolor gift tags. Tie it on that gift for your special someone and it will instantly make your gift pop!

All I did was cut out some different sized tags on watercolor paper, a couple 4″x3″ and 4″x2″ tags. I then painted some of them ombre and some polka dotted. As for the wording, I used black watercolor using a thin brush. I then used a hole punch on the top of each tag. And voila! Adorable watercolor tags for any occasion.

Take a look at how they came out:

Watercolor Gift Tag WM7

Watercolor Gift Tag WM

Watercolor Gift Tag WM4

Watercolor Gift Tag WM2

Watercolor Gift Tag WM6


Have you ever made a watercolor gift tag? I’d love to see those bad boys!



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I love you like XO – Free Printable!

And I’ve got another one for you! I’ve been on a roll this week. Here’s another freebie printable for you that’s perfect for V-Day right around the corner for your boo ;)

I love you like xo RD

Download Printable

Enjoy this free printable! Printable was designed by Rissa.

This printable is free for personal, non-commercial use.

All designs created and owned by RissDG LLC – You may not sell this item as your own or in any way.

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