Giveaway! Win printables from my Etsy shop

It’s Christmas time! Which means I’m going to be doing another Etsy printable giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win two FREE printables from my Etsy shop! Visit my store here to see what I have available. The printables range from $5 to $10, you choose whichever one you want! Please note that this giveaway includes printables only, not watercolors. Some of the printables are exactly what you see, and some are customizable! Prints, invitations, nursery prints and more! Take a look to see if you like anything! Also note: since these are printables, they will be delivered via email, nothing is sent through the mail. You can print from your home, or use an online printing website such as Snapfish or Shutterfly (my personal favorites!)

giveaway photo copy

Enter now! Just in time for Christmas – give a print as a gift or keep for yourself! The Christmas printables are also great to hang in your home for the holidays!

 Once again, look here to see what’s available:

There will be ONE winner for this giveaway! The winner will be found using

If the giveaway gets more than 80 entries, there will be TWO winners! Woo-hoo!

Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate each and every entry!

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4 Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Garden in a Weekend

Your garden may be the pride of joy of your yard, but it also requires a considerable amount of time and energy in order to keep it looking great. There are many reasons why a garden’s growth can get out of hand, and this ranges for a busy personal or professional schedule to bad weather conditions that prevent you from getting outdoor and tending to the garden’s needs. However, now is the ideal time to head out to your garden and to rejuvenate it with some TLC. If you have a weekend to spend caring for it and bringing it back to life, you can consider following a few important tips.

Work on the Soil

As a first step, take time to clear away the clutter on the ground. Rake away dead leaves or other debris that has fallen onto the soil, and pull the weeds away from the plants that you want to keep. If any plants are in poor condition, consider removing those and replacing them as needed. Then, till the soil and add fertilizer. You may not see the benefits from the fertilizer for a period of time, but your area will green up pretty soon.

Create New Planters

You may also consider updating your planters. Planters can be used for flower gardens as well as for vegetables, herbs and other types plants. You can install wooden box planters, or you can choose a decorative material for the planters. This can instantly add better curb appeal to your space, and it may make it easier for you to maintain your garden in the future.

Trim and Plant

Then, you can trim back your existing plants, and you can select new plants to add to your garden. If you have pulled away dead plants, you can replace them with the same species. You may also consider replacing them with plants that require less care and maintenance. This can be particularly helpful if you have been struggling to find the time to properly care for your garden.

Think Creatively With Your New Plants

By following these steps, you can create a beautiful garden area that looks more well-maintained and cared for. You may only need to care for the plants by pruning them, watering them and fertilizing them from time to time. However if you want to add another creative element to your space, consider adding great-looking fences that you can get from Fencestore, trellises or other elements. These can enable you to maximize the available space in your yard and to add extra creative touches for beautiful results. You may have a garden to grow gorgeous flowers with fragrant blooms, herbs to use for cooking or vegetables to add to your meals. There are many types of gardens that you can have, but all will require care and maintenance. When you are ready to update your space but you only have a short period of time to do so, consider how these tips can help you to accomplish great results.

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Christmas Tree Stand Makeover

We are so ready for the holidays in this house! We are so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Especially now, since we just did a makeover on our Christmas tree stand!

Last year was the first year we got a real Christmas tree for our house, the year before that we were still moving everything in and it was chaos, so we didn’t get a tree. It was really sad. Never again.

So when we got the tree last year we realized we needed a tree stand…I was ready to go buy one at Lowe’s or Target, when Charlie said his parent’s had a metal one we could use. I was really excited until I saw it was huge and rusty. Charlie was so excited to use this because it really is huge and can hold a tree in place (I’ve seen too many Christmas trees fall over from a bad stand), so I said fine let’s use it. Well, we decided after using it once that it needs a huge makeover, it wasn’t very appealing to the eye (you’ll see what I mean below).

Here’s the stand before:

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover7

Yep. Wasn’t joking. It was rusted.Christmas Tree Stand Makeover8

I prepped it for primer by sanding it down a bit.

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover2

I primed it with Rustoleum’s spray paint primer. I taped off the screws and handles.

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover3

I let it sit with the primer for 24 hours. It said let sit for 24-48 but I’m a rebel and only waited 24. It was fine. I then sprayed it with 2 coats of Rustoleum’s cherry red spray paint with a gloss finish. I used Rustoleum since it’s supposed to help prevent more future rust.

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover4

No more rust!

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover5

I then taped off the visible red sides of the stand, really making sure I covered everything. I then sprayed the “arms” of the stand with a metallic silver spray paint, again from Rustoleum. Charlie wanted me to make the stand to look like a wrapped Christmas present, what a creative man I’ve got myself here ;)

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover6

And here it is after the paper and tape was removed! Yes, this is the same Christmas tree stand people. Don’t be fooled.

And the big before and after…I don’t think you’re ready for this. The biggest before and after ever!

Christmas Tree Stand Makeover1

It’s perfect! For real, better than I imagined it would look like. I can’t wait to put a tree in this bad boy! And doesn’t it really kind of look like a wrapped Christmas present? If Charlie hadn’t said that, I probably would have made it solid red. I gotta say, it was a great idea. I’m super happy with the outcome.

Do you have an ugly Christmas tree stand? Give it a makeover and send me pics!

Rissa and Charlie Sig

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