Wooden “Home” Sign with a DIY Stain Using Paint!

March 2, 2017

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted – this year has already started off crazy busy (a good thing!), but I haven’t had time to sit down and share some projects I’ve done. I thought I’d start off with this adorable sign I made last month that I’ve been loving. It has a vintage feel to it, and I also did my own little “stain” to it using paint and damp paper towels.

Here’s the finished product:


I started out with a 14″ x 6″ wooden sign I picked up at a craft store. I did my own little DIY paint stain to the edges, and painted the middle (inside) of the sign white. To do the paint stain, I put some paint onto a piece of cardboard, dampened a paper towel, and dabbed the damp paper towel onto the paint (wipe off excess paint). I then dragged the paint on the paper towel all across the border of the sign. I LOVE how this turned out. You can still see the wood peeking through, so the paint doesn’t entirely cover the wood, and it totally looks like it’s been stained (except way easier and cheaper!) I will definitely be using this method again. The awesome thing is, you could use this method with ANY color! This would be gorgeous with shades of teal.

See how you can still see the wood?

Here are the paints I used – I just used a foam brush and a small paint brush to do the inside white. I used the small paint brush for the edges and corners.

I let the sign dry over night, and then moved onto the “home” part of the sign. I used my Cricut for this, but of course it would look awesome if you painted it.

I love my little Cricut tool – here I’m just applying the decal with some transfer tape. It stuck on perfectly!

And here’s the final sign! I absolutely love that it doesn’t look “perfect” – you know what I mean? Some white paint mixed in with the brown “stain” a little on the inside walls, and I didn’t fix it because it gave it such a vintage feel. The only thing I wish I did differently was make “home” a tiny bit bigger. But other than that, I’m in love! Totally looks like something you can buy at a home decor store. When in reality I made it for less than $5! I used a coupon on the sign, so I got it for $3, and I had all the other supplies!

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