The Easiest Monogrammed $1 Frame

March 15, 2017

Happy Hump Day! What a week it’s been so far. Here in NY we got the worst of storm Stella and over the past two days have seen 31″ of snow fall. There was about 4-5 FEET of snow in the streets last night from drifts. The plows hadn’t been through side streets yet and the snow just kept coming. So of course during this snow storm I was working on a project 🙂

A while back I got these adorable $1 frames at Michael’s. They had different colors, but since they were for my office (which is mainly white and grey) I got white. They are the cutest little things – about 3-4″ tall and wide, with the chalkboard in the center about 2.5″. So of course you could draw inside of them with chalk or a chalk marker, but I decided to put my Cricut to work and create a monogram for mine. I love the monogram fonts I recently purchased (you can find them on Etsy!).

Here’s the project:
The Easiest DIY Monogrammed $1 Frame

And these are the frames before I added the decals:The Easiest DIY Monogrammed $1 FrameI just made up the monogram in Photoshop (of course you can use any type of photo editing program) and added it into Design Space. If you’re saying “I don’t have a Cricut!” don’t fret – just copy the monogram as best you can using paint or a chalk marker! And with a thin chalk marker (at least some I’ve used), if you mess up, you can wipe it off! It will still look awesome!

The Easiest DIY Monogrammed $1 Frame

I applied the monogrammed decal with Cricut transfer tape. So far, this is my favorite transfer tape. I’ve used another kind that just isn’t very sticky and takes quite a bit of time to pick up the vinyl and apply it. Cricut transfer tape is the bomb dot com (for me, anyway)!

The Easiest DIY Monogrammed $1 Frame

And of course since these are for my office I had to do a little one of part of my business logo in the circle frame.

The Easiest DIY Monogrammed $1 Frame

Does this make you want to go find tiny frames at Michael’s?! I hope so!
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