I’ve been trying to think of some fun fall DIY projects for around the house and I totally had an idea a couple days ago. I had bought a wood slice from Michael’s a few weeks back, and have been trying to come up with cool painting ideas for these. Well – what about painting it with chalk paint?! Heck yea! Chalk paint has been my thing lately: chalkboard back-splash, chalkboard coasters, now I can add a chalkboard wood slice to the mix. This totally screams fall to me for some reason, so here it is, my first fall DIY of the year. But wait, why was summer only 10 days long? That’s usually how it goes though 🙁

Here’s what I used, it’s about 12″x9″ so it’s a pretty good size:

DIY Fall Chalkboard Wood Slice

I added 2 layers of Valspar’s chalkboard paint (Rustoleum has a good version too, check theirs out here.) And then I started playing around! These would be awesome to display on Halloween or one that says “Welcome Autumn” would be awesome in cursive text.

DIY Fall Chalkboard Wood Slice

Or you can keep it simple with a little welcome sign when guests come into your home.

DIY Fall Chalkboard Wood Slice

The possibilities are endless with a chalkboard like this! Put them out at parties, around your home, they even sell small ones that would be so cute hung up! Or a big one hung on a door! I’m going to have way too much fun with this.

How I clean mine: I’ve noticed that with these, they’re a bit harder to erase than the normal chalkboard. Definitely don’t use a paper towel (wet or dry) because pieces of the paper will rip off and stick to the chalkboard surface. I used a spray bottle with a sponge brush to wipe off, and also found a damp wash cloth worked well too.

Let me know what you do with your chalkboard wood slices!


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