DIY Wedding Gift: Frosted Mr & Mrs Glasses

One of my good friends from high school got married this past weekend and I struggled to find the perfect gift for the new couple. They live in the country and had a whole country themed and DIY wedding – it was GORGEOUS, I’ll do a post on it because we took lots of pictures :) And they’re beer drinkers, so I thought of the perfect idea: Frosted Mr and Mrs BEER glasses! I’ve seen similar projects that are monogrammed on champagne flutes, but I thought this would be perfect for them. Check out how I did it…

What I used:

DIY Frosted Beer Glasses: Valspar frosting spray paint & Krylon clear finish

DIY Frosted Beer Glasses

First, I cleaned the glasses and complete dried them. I then took a couple rubber bands and placed them around the glass in the area I wanted to spray paint, and then placed the stickers where I wanted them.

DIY Frosted Beer Glasses: Mr DIY Frosted Beer Glasses: Mrs

I then put painters tape around the glass and a paper towel inside it to protect the rest of it from the paint when I sprayed it. I didn’t want to get any excess on the glass!

DIY Frosted Mr & Mrs Beer Glasses

Here’s a close up after 1-2 coats of the frosted spray paint while drying (I let it dry for an hour, then did a coat of the clear finish spray paint, to give it some extra protection while being used and washed – I then let that coat dry for another hour).

DIY Frosted Beer Glasses

The finished results! I think they turned out AWESOME. Coolest glasses you’ve ever seen, right? Don’t deny it.

DIY Frosted Beer Glasses

Let me know what you think!

*Please note: The clear finish I used is non-toxic. If you feel that it may be unsafe to use, then the glasses can be used as decorative pieces only. Or, just tape off more space at the rim of the glass. I have a frosted glass like the ones above for myself, and I haven’t had any trouble with it! As for cleaning, I would recommend hand washing only.

Rissa and Charlie Sig

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